Beyond the interview

Using creative methodologies for deeper insights

Design research strives to go beyond what people say, and uncover the underlying needs and wants that lead to innovation in the market. With remote research becoming the norm, truly observational research is challenging and it is easy to default to video interviews and surveys. Participatory techniques such as co-creation are powerful but risk leading participants down established paths. How should we engage research participants creatively to uncover deeper insights?


In this Virtual Smart Salon we will discuss

Engaging research participants creatively can enable us to get beyond the surface
How do you create the right environment for creative activities?
How do we blend observational and co-creation methods
How do evaluative and generative research differ?
What is the role of prototyping?


Unfortunately, this event has taken place. Please join us for our next Virtual Smart Salon, Perceptions of sustainability.


Tuesday, March 23 at 5PM EST.


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