Ethics in Design Research

Considering people, practice and outcomes

We know that there is no neutral in design; design has moral implications. As organizations make commitments around sustainability and social-impact there is greater scrutiny on the impact every action is having on people’s lives and the planet. As design researchers, we rely on participants opening up to us and sharing the things that matter the most to them. We are responsible for representing our participants honestly, keeping their personal information safe, and for the intended, and unintended, consequences of our research.


How should we ensure that our research is conducted ethically balancing the needs of stakeholders and participants? 


In this Virtual Smart Salon we will discuss
What does ‘ethics in design research’ mean? 
How do we uncover and share insights about people ethically? 
How should we factor in unintended consequences?
What are emerging best practices in design research


Unfortunately, this event has taken place. Please join us for our next Virtual Smart Salon, Perceptions of sustainability.


Tuesday, March 23 at 5PM EST.


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