People from the Future

Making forecasting and foundational research more actionable

To tackle the important challenges of tomorrow we need a systematic way to go beyond today’s problems and design for the future. Forecasting and Speculative Design envisage alternate futures and generate exciting and provocative outputs. However, since the outputs are based on broad trends they can lack the specificity that product teams need to take action. How can we effectively combine Forecasting and HCD to deliver solutions that are both people-centric and anchored in possible (and plausible) futures? 


In this Virtual Smart Salon we will discuss

It’s impossible to predict the future so how do we design for it?
What makes trends work and scenario planning successful?
Who should participate in inclusive futures work?
How should we combine data and human stories?
How do we convince stakeholders to invest development budget in resulting initiatives?


Unfortunately, this event has taken place. Please join us for our next Virtual Smart Salon, Innovating today for tomorrow.


Monday, May 17 at 5PM EDT.


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