Salon postponed

Space for innovation: Is the physical environment still crucial for the creative process?


The landscape of creative work is in flux. Remote possibilities clash with the collaborative buzz of the studio, AI tools reshape processes, and diversity takes center stage. At Smart Design we’ve embraced hybrid work model, but also invested in our physical space. In our new studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, we work to balance evolving hybrid work tools and collaboration styles with the uniquely physical nature of product work. 


Julianna Miller, Design Director at Smart Design, and Raphael Gielgen, Trendscout at Vitra, will welcome Daniela Macias at Colgate Palmolive, and Chris Palermo at Cisco for a conversation on the top trends shaping the future of creative studio work.


This event is intended for design managers who want to create the optimal space for creativity and collaboration.


Please stay tuned for an announcement of a new date.