Coffee and Ritual

Designing the coffee experience at home and at the counter


Everyone has daily rituals that they like to observe that provide a sense of calm and a brief respite from the day. When it comes to drinking your daily dose of caffeine, there’s nothing like savoring that first sip. The daily ritual that comes from grinding the beans to pouring a cup is just a part of what makes coffee-making so enjoyable. Design plays an integral part in elevating this daily routine, for what is brewing the perfect cup of coffee without your trusty kettle or your favorite filter? These simple objects allow people to create their own at-home rituals and beg the question: how can we take the role of ritual and continue to design for it and grow with it?


We’ll ask questions such as

How can brands strike the balance of ritual and process at home and in-store?
What role does design play in innovation and growth of the category?
How has coffee become digitally connected?


Join Charlie Paradise, Engineering Director, and Julianna Miller, Associate Design Director, as they welcome Liz Grasing from OXO, Clay Hoffman from Starbucks, and Stephan von Muehlen from Poursteady for a Virtual Smart Salon on how design can help preserve and improve daily rituals.


Tuesday, February 1 at 5PM EST