Ethical interactions

How AI and experience design influence our notion of choice


Digital products and services have evolved from fun distractions to ubiquitous and powerful platforms that play a significant role in shaping our opinions and influencing society. We freely share our personal and behavioral data, but the way artificial intelligence (AI) drives digital experiences remains a mystery to many. People using these platforms put their trust in the company or service to inform and protect them. Whether we know it or not, as designers we have a responsibility to ensure the algorithms driving these experiences are ethically minded. Where are the boundaries? How do we know when we’ve crossed them? 


Join Jasper Dekker, Associate Design Director, and Sophia Xu, Interaction Designer, as they welcome Rick Barraza from Microsoft and Jeff Huang from Brown University for a discussion about ethical interaction design.


We’ll discuss questions such as

How do we design for a sense of control of what content people see, hear, and consume?


Who is responsible for what AI determines which version of a story surfaces or what content children see?


How do we as designers walk the fine line between gathering people's data and offering the ability to anticipate people's needs in a personalized experience?


Design for engagement leads to addiction — what can be done to satisfy engagement growth expectations as well as guarding user's mental health?


How are future designers and technologists trained/educated to create 'ethical' digital products? How is that different from conventional design training?


Tuesday, May 24, 5PM EST