Predicting the unpredictable

Using foresight to better prepare for the near and long-term future


The world is rapidly shifting before our eyes – who knows what Covid variant, global conflict, or new legislation will jolt us next. Between responding to the urgent crises of the moment to preparing for what catastrophic event may be headed our way next, it’s imperative that businesses across all industries develop more tools to be resilient both in the short term and in the long term.


Enter the methodologies of foresight: a business and design tool that uses ideas of the future to better quantify and anticipate the changes of tomorrow. By considering the lenses of industry, society, and commerce, foresight combines data analysis and personal interpretation to plan actionable scenarios. How can design and innovation leaders best leverage the tools of foresight to better prepare for change?


In collaboration with Michelle Greenwald, Senior Partner at Descartes & Mauss, Cameron Hanson, Strategy Director and Katherine Eisenberg, Associate Strategy Director at Smart Design will welcome Adam Conley from Mars and Maurice N’Diaye from Descartes & Mauss for a conversation on leveraging the tools of foresight to better prepare for change.


We’ll discuss questions such as

What are the crucial ingredients, inputs, and timeframes to conduct foresight?

How do you prioritize short and long-term planning?

How can you build confidence among stakeholders that foresights are credible and actionable? 

How do you decide where to place bets and allocate resources for the future?


Wednesday, September 21, 5PM EST