Testing the limits

Designing the next wave of diagnostics


As we see the implications of medical testing play out in the media, low-cost diagnostic tools are slowly rolling out across the healthcare system. Covid-19 has accelerated public use of low-cost testing and lowered the barrier of entry for other types of testing. Meanwhile medical equipment manufacturers are creating dramatically smaller and cheaper devices. As these testing tools become a bigger part of our healthcare system, what does this mean for the medical industry? How can designers meet the needs of people who desire cheaper, more accessible testing?


We’ll discuss questions such as
What are the design challenges for self-administered testing?
What impact will low-cost diagnostics have on the healthcare industry, in the U.S. and globally?
How should physicians integrate self-testing into their practice?
What is the potential for improved public health outcomes across the population?


Join us Tuesday, November 9 at 5PM EST